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Summer is officially in full swing & the full moon is upon us.

Of course, with the sun in Cancer and the full moon in Capricorn, it’s a great time to harmonize in order to create ‘balance’ & flow.

Besides sharing Yoga and Private Reiki, for the last quarter I’ve taken a bit of a hiatus in order to ground down and
re-connect to my Sacred Center.

Some of the ways I’ve been connecting to my heart light include, dance- which is PURE medicine for the Soul. I’ve also been frequenting a boat load of Kirtans and I’ve even taken up the drums!

Nothing like movement and music to get you into the flow~

If you haven’t already, I want to encourage you to carve out some much needed, ‘me time’ for yourself to do what inspires you, lights you up and nourishes your Soul.


Whatever you do, don’t forget to give yourself permission to PLAY.

As always, there are plenty of ways to connect…

Traveling to Denver, want to join me for a little Yoga?

Check out my Yoga schedule here

Upcoming Workshops & Events

Saturday 7/25 (2pm-4pm): Radical Reboot @ Inspire Life Studio Denver, Colorado

*Reiki I Level I Immersion & Yoga NYC TBA*

Tuesday 9/1 (6pm-7pm): Discovering Your Inner Radiance @ Burning Man: Camp Contact Black Rock City, Nevada

Thursday 9/3 (6pm-8:30pm): Radical Reboot @ Burning Man: Camp Contact Black Rock City, Nevada

Saturday 9/26 & 10/3 (2pm-4pm): Reiki Level I Immersion @ Inspire Life Studio Denver, Colorado * To Register Click Here

**For Private Reiki or Yoga Therapy Email Me: info@theradiantwell.com

Looking forward to connecting with you!

With Love,

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The Path of the Heart

The path of the heart is winding

A helix of infinite wisdom

Revealing itself through sweet somatic whispers

Tend to these enigmatic murmurs

Receive the transmission of heart wisdom

Let it shatter all of your hopes and dreams

Including all of the beliefs of what you thought was possible

Until all that’s left is the sacred ground beneath your feet

Know that you are not broken

Simply behold the rugged landscape before you

Feel your precious heart beating inside your chest

And consider the sanctity of this moment

Embracing ALL that IS.

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