I believe that practicing gratitude is one of the most powerful tools we can utilize to transform our lives and live a life filled with abundance.

For me, gratitude isn’t about merely developing an, “attitude of gratitude”.  It’s a fundamental practice that keeps me grounded and a governing principle by which I live my life.

To be honest, I wasn’t always consciously aware that gratitude was a practice or that the transformative power of daily gratitude would carry me through some of the most challenging times in my life, including tremendous hardships in adolescence, becoming a Mother at 20, overcoming a bout with depression in my late twenties, the loss of my grandmother to lung cancer and even having to face a cancer scare myself.

Looking back, I’ve realized that despite all of these blessèd challenges; I have always been keenly aware that no matter what obstacle I may encounter along the path, there is always so much to be grateful for.

The Gratitude Myth

I think of a lot of people believe that being grateful is a quality that is inextricably linked to being humble and gracious.  While I do feel that gratitude has its roots in both humility and grace, I wholeheartedly believe gratitude is essential to our wellbeing and that gratitude is the key to living a more abundant, joyful life.

How Do We Begin to Experience Abundance

When one thinks of abundance, immediately they might equate abundance to financial wealth.  I think it’s important to note that abundance does encompass financial wellbeing.  After all we do live in the modern world where financial means are necessary for our survival.  However, the kind of abundance I’m pointing to is much deeper than financial or material wealth.  The kind of abundance I’m suggesting lies at the core of our being.  It is the epicenter out of which pure abundance, joy and Love emanates from.

Plain and simple- if we want to experience abundance, all we have to do is turn inward and look to our own hearts.

Practicing Daily Gratitude Enhances Our Wellbeing

Abraham Maslow believed that daily gratitude could be the key to affecting our emotional wellbeing on a day-to-day basis.

I couldn’t agree more.  Practicing daily gratitude forces us to acknowledge all of the amazing people, things, lessons, experiences, adventures, gifts, and blessings that are OURS to behold in any given moment.

When we take time out of our day to express our gratitude, we begin to shift our awareness from a space of need, lack, or fear- to a state of BEING that intuitively feels more abundant, alive, expansive, and limitless.

Stop for a moment, close your eyes, place one hand on your heart and ask yourself, what it is you are grateful for in this moment.

This simple practice helps us relinquish the need to reach for things outside ourselves that we think will make us feel whole or complete.  Over time, practicing daily gratitude also helps us surrender the expectation and desire for our experiences to be anything other than what they are in any given moment.  More importantly, we’re able to be present to life and open to a field of pure awareness, infinite potential, everlasting light, and unending abundance.

With Love & Light,


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