Nourishing Your Mind, Body & Spirit Isn’t a Luxury; It’s a Necessity

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I often say that nourishing the mind, body & Spirit isn’t a luxury- it’s a necessity. As a woman who continually does my best to balance family and work, I understand all too well that taking time out for myself can often feel like a luxury, rather than a necessity. However, what I’ve discovered firsthand and through working with others is that when we don’t take time out to nourish our mind, body and Spirit, we often find ourselves emotionally, mentally, physically, and or energetically bankrupt.


There is this idea that nourishing your mind, body & Spirit means you have to indulge in a spa treatment or go away on a retreat somewhere to reap the benefits of rest and relaxation. Personally I love spas and I love retreats. And while these are ideal ways of nourishing yourself, when I speak about nourishing the mind, body and spirit, at the basic most fundamental level I’m talking about giving yourself the kind of self-love and care you deserve; I’m talking about making YOU a sacred priority in your life. Not just once a year or one weekend a month, but each and every day.

Whenever I teach a Yoga class or a workshop, or provide a one-on-one session, the mention of making oneself a priority can make people feel uncomfortable or overwhelmed. The truth is for many people who have been raised to be nurturers and caregivers; the idea of putting themselves first is a huge challenge that can lead to feelings of guilt and actually keep them from committing to their own self-care.

Now if you’re like me, you may have been taught that being self-less is a good thing. Well, I’m here to challenge that belief. You see, engaging in self-sacrificing behavior and being self-less doesn’t qualify you as being a kind or loving individual. However, I think you would agree that being present, compassionate, empathetic, supportive and understanding are definitely steps in the right direction.

You see, nourishing the mind, body, and Spirit fills you with a kind of contentment, joy, and inner peace that not only enhances your wellbeing, but also makes you better equipped to hold a space of compassion and love toward others.


1. Acknowledge Your Self Worth

Acknowledging your self-worth is about recognizing how self-sacrificing behavior lends itself to feeling depleted, overwhelmed, frustrated, angry, resentful, you name it. More importantly, acknowledging your self-worth says to yourself and others: I am worthy of goodness, joy & love. 

2. Give Yourself Permission to Have Fun

Giving yourself permission to have fun doesn’t mean you stop honoring your commitments and responsibilities. However, giving yourself permission to have fun IS about letting go of rigidity, exploring your interests and making a conscious effort to do more of the things you love. Love to paint? Paint. Want to take up a new hobby? Pick up a community catalog with a list of classes and events in your neighborhood.  Want to start an online business? Sign up for a seminar on how to create one. Whatever it is, give yourself permission to do that thing that lights you up.

3. Make a Commitment to Love Thyself

Making a commitment to love thyself, is about setting aside time for yourself. Do you have a hectic schedule this week? Pull out your smart phone, schedule a date with yourself, and more importantly honor that commitment.

There is a beautiful quote by Julia Cameron that I love.  She says, “Being kind to ourselves creates a prosperous heart and yet being kind to ourselves takes conscious effort.”  It’s so true.  It’s much easier for most of us to practice kindness, compassion and love toward others.  And while we may be able to see the value in being kind to ourselves, the truth is we don’t always practice kindness, compassion, and love toward ourselves.


Practicing self-love and care does require conscious effort. However, by making a commitment to love ourselves not only do we feel more joyful and grateful; we feel compelled to share those feelings of gratitude and joy with others. Best of all, we’re able to give from a space that is authentic and wholehearted.

So my question is, are you ready to give yourself the love and care you deserve? Are you willing to give yourself permission to do things that bring you joy? And finally, can you commit to at least one daily act of self-love? If the answer is yes, in what ways can you take time out to nourish your mind, body and Spirit today? I’d love to hear from you.

With Love & Light,



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