My how times flies!

It seems like only yesterday I was making summer plans to spend time with my family, organizing a summer workshop, welcoming new opportunities to teach Yoga and share my practice- It’s been a whirlwind and I am grateful for every second of it!

Of course, with every opportunity to grow, there have been challenges along the way, moments when I allowed fear, self-doubt and uncertainty to creep in.

Sure, there are practices that keep me grounded, practices that help me maintain a sense of balance and wellbeing. But the truth is, whenever major fear or uncertainty arises in my life, there is a tendency to become triggered by old thoughts, patterns of belief and behaviors that aren’t conducive to my wellbeing.

For instance, if opportunity calls on me to take a leap of faith, part of me feels compelled to analyze every outcome and scenario known to man. Will this be a good collaboration?…Will scheduling this appointment take away from time spent with my loved ones?…The list goes on and on…

Perhaps that’s why journaling, meditation, Reiki and Yoga have become vital to maintaining harmony in my life. Each of these practices has forced me to confront all of my triggers. More importantly these practices continually bring me back to that space of equanimity and peace within.

Patanjali says that equanimity is a result of two things: abhyasa (practice) and vairagya (non-attachment). This makes perfect sense. Anyone who has ever been good at anything knows that it takes practice to hone one’s craft and that it’s futile to become attached to outcomes of any kind.

By surrendering the how, when, why, where and all of the insignificant details about whether you will or won’t be successful, or whether you will or won’t find true love is key. In my experience, these questions not only keep you from experiencing inner peace but create barriers that keep you from pursuing your dreams and being open to give and receive love.

To observe our thoughts and our emotions without reacting in such a way that it further drives us into mental and emotional bondage IS a practice. Non-attachment and letting go is also a practice. When we give ourselves the freedom to bare witness to our thoughts and our emotions, without reacting or judging, we create a space. It is in that space that we’re able to experience equanimity.

As the summer winds down and autumn falls upon us, may we take time out to observe all of the delicate, precious details, including Mother Nature and all her glory. May we be present to life, to our loved ones and to one other. And may we continually turn inward to touch that space of deep inner peace, joy and eternal Love.

With Love & Light,


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