I don’t know about you but I find it fascinating how quickly time passes.

With time moving at what seems to be the speed of light, I’m continually reminded of how precious each moment, each hour and each day really is.

Of course, I am human which means there are days I take the present fore granted; days when challenges arise and I let my emotions get the best of me. However, when I take time out to allow myself to sit with the thoughts, feelings and emotions these challenges may elicit, not only do I feel more connected- I feel present and alive.

In the spirit of taking a well-deserved time out for yourself, I want to offer you a simple practice.

Stop for a moment and place one hand on your solar plexus (belly) and the other hand on your heart.

Begin to follow your breath; breathing in through the nose and out through the nose.

With each inhale allow the breath to expand the chest and fill the lungs with oxygen.

With each exhale, feel the upper abdomen draw in and up; collecting beautiful healing energy and light to you.

Continuing to breathe, feel immersed in the body. Notice the space within and without.

Notice every sound within the room, as well as every sound outside of the room.

Feel the warmth or coolness of the air graze the skin.

Take in any subtle scents within the room and just breathe.

Feel yourself grounded and rooted in your center. Allow the subtle vibrational energy of light & love to move through you, with you and as you.

Feeling calm, peaceful and relaxed, allow yourself to simply be… here… now.

Taking a couple of final breaths, remember that as you continue to go about your day and move into the weekend- don’t forget to stop and take time out for you.

Happy Friday!

With Love & Light,



3 thoughts on “TAKE A TIME OUT

  1. Lots of you to you too.

  2. 🙂 Thank you Bill. Lots of love my friend!

  3. Thank you for that. I need friends like you in my real life. 🙂

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