I’m always humbled and amazed by the unyielding power Love has to heal our lives and some of the deepest hurts, wounds and sorrows we encounter. When we turn toward Love & choose Love, Love not only guides us and heals us- it liberates us.

Some people may think that it’s naïve to believe that Love has the power to shift our experience from the mundane to the miraculous, to mend relationships, to bridge gaps between communities, or eradicate poverty and transcend political, racial, cultural, religious and national divides. Not me. I wholeheartedly believe in the power of Love.

The truth is, each and every time we choose to see the miraculous in the mundane, find forgiveness in our hearts, or communities come together to stand in support of one another despite political affiliation, race, gender, nationality, color or creed- Love IS the underlying, omnipotent and omnipresent force that proves there are boundaries or limitations.

To experience the power & essence of Love all we have to do is turn inward to see it, to feel it and experience it. By acknowledging the Light & Love within enables us to see the Light & Love not just in our loved ones or our friends but in our colleagues, our neighbors and complete strangers.

May Love guide you, heal you and liberate you now and always.

With All My Love,


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