A Song of Joy
Ernest Holmes

There is a Song upon my lips to-day; it sings
of the glad heart and the happy ways of
I will listen to my song, for it carols to me the
glad tidings of Great Joy, of Love and Life.
It tells me of the Wondrous Journey of the
Soul and the Boundless Life in which my life is hid.

Hi Loves, I don’t know about you but 2012 has been quite a ride! For the last two weeks I’ve been on holiday, enjoying time spent with family, reconnecting with nature, and doing some much needed inner reflection.

Today, as I prepare to close out the year and say goodbye to 2012- I have to say, I have done my share of staring uncertainty in its beloved face and taking tremendous leaps of faith. Needless to say, I have learned so many lessons along the way- lessons that have challenged me but proven valuable to say the least! All things considered, my Spirit feels an incredible sense of renewal and my heart is filled with so much gratitude and joy for the overwhelming presence of Love in my life. From my family and friends, to all of the amazing Souls who have come into my life, I am grateful beyond words.

As you take time out and reflect upon the events of this past year, what is it that you are grateful for? When you stop and drop down into your heart, what is it that fills it with joy and love? What brings you contentment and peace? And finally, what lessons have you learned and what insights have you gained? Let me just say my friend, you are deserving of all of that and so much more…

Now and always, my deepest- most heartfelt wish is that you experience more of that which nourishes your Spirit, brings you peace, and fills your entire being with radiant light and love. May this New Year bring you and yours much joy, laughter, Love, prosperity, good health, and above all else- inner peace.

With Sincere Gratitude, Love & Light,



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