I’ve had people/friends ask me why I don’t talk about Reiki more often. This is a great question, especially because I am a Reiki teacher/practitioner. However, I feel that in order to talk about Reiki which IS life force energy, one has to understand that life force energy is that which is in ALL things. Much like the concept of “God”, or consciousness it’s not enough for an individual to try to intellectualize Reiki. Reiki is not something that is physically tangible, meaning you can’t see “life force energy” or describe it as having a “specific” shape or form.

There are ways to describe Reiki but Reiki itself points to something much deeper. Like yoga and other practices that involve energy work, it is through a purely scientific method of understanding that Reiki can be experienced. By the same token, if you choose to- you can see the essence of Reiki manifested in the face of a child, a billowing oak tree, in the delicate fragrance of a cherry blossom, in the warmth of a loved one’s embrace, and in an infinite number of Divine manifestations.

Much of what I post each week in my blogs, or the coaching work I do with clients doesn’t necessarily involve Reiki. In fact, not all of my coaching clients are Reiki clients and vice versa. Despite this clear, yet complementary distinction in my work, everything I do involves Reiki (life force energy).

When I decided to start this blog in 2009, I hadn’t integrated the practice of Reiki into my daily life and I wasn’t doing the work that I am now. However, Reiki was always guiding me in the right direction. Back then, this blog was anonymous and purely about establishing a means for me to express myself and document my path- the highs and lows, ups and downs, accompmlishments and challenges, you name it. As I reflect on the past, who knew that almost ten years of working in the beauty industry with some of the most amazing clients and artists was preparing me for the work I do now. And when I decided to leave that field to seek work in education, I had no idea that serving families would be instrumental in cultivating a deeper sense of compassion and love of helping others. This is why it’s so important to listen to that Divine inner voice within, to pursue your dreams and share your gift with others. It is through our collective understanding of shared experiences as human beings that we become inspired to live authentically and courageously. It is by sharing our stories and our gifts that we gain a profound understanding of our place in the world and discover compassion, love, and understanding for ourselves and for each other.

There is a place in this world for each of us to express ourselves in a way that is uniquely our own. What each of us has to say and what each of us does- matters. That is the beauty of the Divine which manifests Itself in EVERY thing in the entire Universe. This Divine intelligent life force is Reiki, it is prana, it is chi, it is Ki, it is God, the Universe, Allah, Brahman, the Tao, and in Its simplest terms- that which cannot be named. This transcendental, timeless force is an ever changing – dynamic force at play. Know that whatever gifts and talents you’re heart (Reiki) is calling you to bring forth- you must. There will never be another YOU in the entire Universe who can share your gift or tell your story like YOU.

With Love & Light,




  1. adventureinsolitude says:

    It’s fascinating isn’t it, that the thoughts, feelings, and stories we have to share really do matter. As always, thank you for sharing your thoughts. They are always heartfelt and deeply appreciated.

    Lots of Love,

  2. Alana,
    I love this! When I listen to stories of family, friends and even acquaintances, I am intrigued by the significance and richness of the stories they tell. They are usually surprised when I suggest that their stories are interesting and of use to others. I so agree; everyone is worthy and has a story worth telling! Great post!

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