“Grace is the breath of God – an invisible essence beyond intellect that moves swiftly amongst us.” ~Caroline Myss

I was reminded of Divine Grace and unconditional Love this morning when I sat down to journal just before the break of dawn. There was Grace staring right at me; enveloping me in its subtle, yet warm, and loving embrace. My senses were buzzing and I felt completely immersed in my surroundings. Sitting at my desk and gazing out of my window, I saw Grace in the Prussian blue firmament as it waltzed its way into the light of the morning sky.

It’s amazing how in every moment there is an opportunity to see Grace, to feel the swelling presence of Grace and love all around us. Of course, there are circumstances in life which can hinder us from witnessing or experiencing the presence of Grace but if we choose to see it, it is always there.

Lately there have been many changes in my life. Intuitively my response has been to try and remain present and aware in every moment; to take notice of beautiful reminders, messages, and synchronicities of all kind. Naturally, I’m always astonished at how compellingly powerful and intelligent the Universe is. And no matter how challenging things may become, I feel like it’s a gift to continually re-awaken to the beautiful, Divine, and eternal truth of that which Grace yields.

Even now as I write this, I’m overwhelmed by a tremendous feeling of gratitude and Love in my heart for everything in my life including my family, friends, this precious planet, and all of YOU…this is Grace- this is what Caroline Myss calls, “the breath of God” that surpasses our intellect and has the eternal, unyielding power to captivate our hearts and our Spirits.

As the summer winds down, as the air gets cooler, and nights grow longer… know that whatever you may be going through- you’re not alone. Amid any challenge or difficulty in your life, may you be reminded that the Universe is always working in our favor and that Grace is ours to behold. As always, feel free to share and leave a comment below.

With All My Love,



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