Taking Risks on Behalf of Your Dreams

Recently I decided to embark on an exciting adventure.  In all honesty, I’m not quite sure where this adventure is going to take me but I have a hunch that by being present and open to whatever comes my way- I will come out of this experience having gained some amazing insight.

You’re probably wondering what this so called “exciting adventure” is.  Well, recently I decided to immerse myself in a yoga teacher training program.  I’ll admit with my schedule and all the responsibilities I have on my plate, committing to a yoga teaching program is consuming a lot of valuable time.  I say valuable because over the last three weeks it has become a challenge to manage my time between my family, writing, growing my practice, and coaching.  One might ask with all of these responsibilities, why add yoga teacher training to the mix?…

Over the last couple years much like Reiki, yoga has become an integral part of my life.  Yoga is one of many practices which help me maintain harmony between my mind, body, and Spirit.  Having recognized these benefits, over time I have developed a genuine interest to deepen my practice and study the science of yoga.  That being said, when the opportunity presented itself, I felt like I had to take advantage of it.

I will say not everyone is as brazen as I am when it comes to taking risks.  However, I will also admit my natural tendency to jump into things is not always beneficial but I do think it’s important to pay attention to the signs the Universe offers us.  When it seemed as if the sun, the moon, and the stars aligned for me to take advantage of this unique opportunity to outstretch myself, I responded.  The best part is I have no idea where this adventure is going to take me but needless to say, I’m open to the possibilities.

When I contemplated what I wanted to write about today, I couldn’t help but wonder what signs the Universe is sending each of you; what opportunities are presenting themselves for you to learn and grow from.  I also wonder what the apprehension is on your part to take a risk on behalf of your dreams, especially when you know deep down in your heart it would serve your highest good.  Well, guess what my friend?  YOU ARE NOT ALONE!  While I consider myself to be a risk taker, there are still areas in my life which I consciously cut myself off from exploring possibilities.  However, the truth is when we do this we also cut ourselves off from growing.

My question to you is where can you see an opportunity for growth in your life?  What signs are you receiving from the Universe that are nudging you in the direction of your dream and why are you afraid to take a risk on behalf of it?  Finally, can you recognize your fears as mere thoughts which have nothing to do with the outcome or success of your opportunity for growth?  I’d love to hear what you think?  Feel free to leave a comment below.

With Love & Light,



5 thoughts on “Taking Risks on Behalf of Your Dreams

  1. viralsalome16 says:

    I wrote that after another great sign of that type (which tends to depress me sometimes – I’m a doer/organizer/driver type). Lol. But, I do recognize it most times. Other times I relate to it like why is this happening?? Lol. You got it. Thanks for responding Alana. :)) Love & Light, S.

  2. adventureinsolitude says:

    Thank you for sharing how you feel. You pointed out something really important. You said according to the Universe, you feel as though you should “be still and do nothing at all in any direction.” It’s pretty powerful to recognize the importance of being still and taking a step back rather than react right away. I sincerely hope by being still today you’re able to create the space you need to find inner peace. Thank you so much for sharing.

    With Love & Light,


  3. viralsalome16 says:

    According to the universe I should just be still and do nothing at all in any direction. I error so much, today at this moment, that is all I see. A thoughtful post though. Hope I don’t murk it up.

  4. adventureinsolitude says:


    Thank you for sharing your insight and encouraging words. I’m happy to hear you decided to take a risk on behalf of your dreams, it’s incredibly inspiring! The world needs more revolutionaries like you my friend. Mahalo.

    With Gratitude & Love,


  5. yogainmadrid says:

    Hello Alana,
    I am a yoga teacher who also have worked in advertising during the las 12 years. Some months ago I decided to finally listen to my heart, and the universe and follow it signs, so I quitted my job in orden to dedicate myself fulltime to my yoga classes.
    So I encourage you! I think what you´re doing is great, and very beneficial for other people, and for you, so go ahead and I hope you really enjoy it and that it helps you go deeper into the knowledge of yourself! Namaste. Alicia

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