Being independent and financially secure has always been important to me (this is a story for another day). Because of that I’ve been working since I was 15 years old. Now that I am self employed it means I can focus my energy, time, and attention on what I’m passionate about. Don’t get me wrong there is so much uncertainty and who knows what lies ahead but one thing is for sure, there is a huge sense of freedom knowing that I can pursue my passion full time.

Now for months prior to announcing my resignation, I contemplated whether it was “wise” to resign from the comforts of an 8-4 to devote myself fully to writing and growing my practice. And trust me when I say, I recognize some of us may not be able to pursue our passion full time. But does that mean we just give up on our dreams? Over the last year and in this short span of time since resigning, the writing on the wall has become abundantly clear: IN ORDER TO FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS YOU HAVE TO SHAKE THINGS UP! That’s right we have to continually challenge conditioned beliefs about what we deem “safe” and “secure” and be willing to dance on the edge in a space of unfamiliarity and YES-uncertainty. Of course, in order to become comfortable with the uncomfortable requires faith. Faith in the greater good of ourselves and faith in our dreams despite what others think, say, or feel.


There are a few friends and family members of mine who don’t quite fully understand how I could abandon a “stable job”, or why I’m taking a risk by choosing uncertainty. Nor do they understand the drive or necessity for me to live my dream and fulfill my Soul’s purpose. Even the mention of “Soul’s purpose” sounds a bit too woo woo for them. 🙂 However, I reconciled that a long time ago. How did I reconcile it all? Well…I’ve learned to let go of what others think, instead I trust and follow my instincts and to be honest I continue working on myself from the inside out every day. More importantly, I do my best to surround myself with those who nourish my Soul. I honor my inner artist each day and I also take care of myself by engaging in a host of daily practices to nourish my mind, body, and Spirit. As a result, my sense of purpose is no longer about achieving accolades, or receiving validation and recognition from others. Above all else, my purpose is NOT about acquiring “things” to gauge or measure my success. My passion and purpose is simply about doing what I love. The payoff?…Giving that love to others. That’s right, doling out BIG heaping mounds of my LOVE!

While some of you may be feeling me on this one, I know others of you may be thinking, who the hell is this idealistic- Pollyanna Principle subscriber! It’s all good. I can take it. But I want to make it clear, despite my Pollyanna ways it doesn’t make me exempt from having “not so good days”, I am HUMAN afterall! But generally speaking I’m a “GOOD MORNING”- “glass is full” and “cup runneth over” kind of girl. It’s just who I am and I can’t think of a better way to honor myself or others than by showing up as the best me every day.


To all my hangliding, cliff diviving, rock climbers- sky diving, trapeze flying, head standing yogis- Brazen crosfitters, thrill seekers and everything in between who walk a path of personal and spiritual growth- you recognize the importance of honoring yourself daily, putting your best foot forward, and showing up for life fully present and alive. You recognize the deep inner work required to embark on this adventure. You know it’s EASIER to walk a path that is familiar and comforting. You know it’s EASIER to wave a white flag of surrender to resistance instead of facing you fears…And let’s be HONEST, it’s DOWNRIGHT uncomfortable and sometimes painful to acknowledge, let alone love our shadows (the darker tendencies of our personality). BUT you press on with strength and courage; following your instincts- letting the Universe guide you toward the direction of your dream. YOU are my travel companions on this Soul adventure, you inspire me and I LOVE YOU.

To all my friends who want to be an adventurer but you’re not so sure you can take a risk on behalf of your dreams. Let me ask you this. What is your story? What is the dialogue going on in your cunning- brilliant beautiful mind? Is it one of lack or love? Is it one of fear or faith? Is it one of self-sabotage or self belief? My friend, if it’s about lack, fear, or self-sabotage it’s time to shake things up! It’s time to re-write a new story and embark on a new adventure. That’s right, it’s time to call your inner naysayer’s bluff and look beyond the limiting beliefs of who you THINK you are, who others WANT you to be, and acknowledge the TRUTH of who YOU really are.


Ask yourself the following questions:

Do I have the desire to make a change in my life?
Do I have the willingness to nourish my mind, body, and Spirit in a way that stretches me beyond the confines of my comfort zone?
Do I have the ability to love and accept every part of me wholly and fully?
Do I have the cajónes to follow my passion despite what others say?
Do I have the fortitude to weather the obstacles and challenges that will arise?
Do I have a longing to birth something creative and inspiring into the world?
Do I have a knowingness within my being that my life is intended to serve a greater purpose than I might be able to fully comprehend?


MAYBE you do know what your purpose is. Maybe you’ve felt what it’s like to have your heart swell when you inspire or help others with compassion and love. OR maybe the mere thought of giving and adding value to the lives of others fills you with enthusiasm and inner joy. Regardless, if you answered YES to any of the questions above, you are definitely an adventurer and in that case you only have ONE choice… heed your call to adventure and prepare to embark on an ADVENTURE OF A LIFETIME!

Happy Friday My Friends!

Lots of Love & Light,


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  1. adventureinsolitude says:

    Thank you for sharing your kind thoughts and words! So much love and light to you my friend.

  2. Carole Marek says:

    Just doing some research on embracing uncertainty and found your site – you have sooo found and followed your purpose; well done! and no surpirse that there is such energy in your words – there is such integrity here. Fabulous! thank you

  3. adventureinsolitude says:

    Yes you are Joselyn. Keep dancing! I’m so proud of you. You inspire me! Lots of love.


  4. Joselyn says:

    Love this and I’m definitely feeling you! Kudos to you for following your heart and pursuing your passion and dream. Presently, I’m learning “to dance on the edge in a space of unfamiliarity” in search of a better me. Thanks so much!

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