“Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. ” ~Henry David Thoreau

I believe one of the most courageous things we can do in life is to pursue our dreams. Sure pursuing our dreams isn’t always easy, it means letting go of limiting beliefs, outstretching ourselves beyond our comfort zone, taking action, and surrendering with faith to a higher power.

For me, following my dreams has been a lesson in following my heart and embracing uncertainty each and every day (a concept I couldn’t fully grasp even five years ago). As daunting as that may sound, I know wholeheartedly that in order to realize my dreams, I have to continually peel back the layers, let go, and simply put- expect miracles.

Speaking of miracles, recently I was fortunate to meet a beautiful soul named Lizette. I happened to meet Lizette after speaking with a colleague about her. He explained that Lizette was battling cancer and that she had been moved to hospice. Having lost my grandmother to lung cancer five years ago, I knew exactly what he was going through and was so moved I felt compelled to offer Reiki to Lizette. I explained to my colleague that if Lizette was open to it, I would gladly pay her a visit. Needless to say, a week later I met Lizette.

When I walked into Lizette’s room, rays of sunlight penetrated the room. Lizette was comfortably situated in her bed in front of a picturesque window overlooking a tranquil garden. Next to her sat a lovely, soft spoken attendant who graciously left the room so I could give Lizette Reiki.

After spending 15 minutes getting to know one another, it became clear that Lizette and I were supposed to meet and we connected immediately. We discussed how she had received Reiki before and what those experiences were like. We also discussed her spiritual path- the teachers whose work influenced her life greatly, including Krishnamurti whom she had the pleasure of hearing speak in 1983 at Madison Square Garden and Eckhart Tolle who had a profound impact on her.

Lizette explained that as a psychologist, she had devoted her life to working with troubled teens and foster children. She said she hoped she had made a difference in their lives and in the short time that I spent with her I’m convinced she did. The truth is, while cancer may have managed to overtake Lizette’s body, it hadn’t penetrated the tremendous light of her Spirit. Just thinking about Lizette and my experience with her makes me want to weep because her candor and willingness to discuss what she was going through knowing her cancer was terminal is moving beyond words.

When I humbly asked Lizette if she had any fears- she paused for a moment and then expressed that the only thing she was fearful of was letting go- letting go of holding herself accountable for things that no longer mattered. In an instant her words confirmed to me that life is precious and that it is indeed our Divine birthright to follow and live our dreams.

When I said farewell to Lizette, I held her hand and thanked her for allowing me to be in her presence. I explained that I was getting ready to go on vacation but that I would be glad to come back and visit her when I returned. Looking into Lizette’s eyes I wasn’t sure I would see her again but I was grateful to say the least. Three days later she passed.

There are things we can’t explain in life, including the great mystery that surrounds us and continually unfolds moment to moment. But if we begin to take notice, we can see the Universe is always working in our favor and that each and every experience in life has brought us to where we are right now. Sometimes we may second guess ourselves and wonder if we are on the right path. However, if we are courageous enough to follow our hearts and pursue our dreams, not only are we able to go confidently in the direction of our dreams- miracles happen and we begin to live out our dreams a little more everyday.

Do you have a really big dream? What do you need to surrender in order to let go and move confidently in the direction of your dream? Feel free to drop me a line and let me know.

With So Much Love & Light,




  1. adventureinsolitude says:

    Jon really the pleasure was all mine. I’m so grateful to have met Lizette- she left an impression on my soul. Thank you for connecting us my friend. Lots of love. ~A.

  2. Jon Trimble says:

    Thank you Alana. Lizette connected so deeply with you … you brought much joy into the last days of her life – thank you.

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