As I continue to open myself up to life’s possibilities by moving forward with my plans to grow my Reiki and coaching practice, I’ve been experiencing so many amazing synchronicities and blessings (all of which have reinforced that I am on the right path). However, before I go further I want to make it clear that this “opening up” is not a temporary thing, it is a lifelong endeavor.

Being open to life’s possibilities continually calls upon me to face my fears and reinforce my value and self worth. Looking back it has been a long road but I have learned that I have to meet myself where I stand, right here- right now. I have also learned that my faith is everything.

I remember watching an interview with Dr. Maya Angelou and being reminded that “faith is the evidence of things not seen”. After watching this interview I couldn’t help but re-examine my faith. By cultivating a deep sense of faith, my faith has deepened and I recognize faith as an essential component to my spiritual path and suspect that it will be for your path as well.

You see, I believe that embarking on a spiritual path takes tremendous courage, strength, and the utmost faith. I also believe that because a spiritual path is really about one’s own healing, growth, and transformation; self inquiry is a necessity. For me, this kind of self inquiry requires me to “check in” on myself (when needed) to determine if I am being authentic, open, and consciously present in the moment.

Recently I had a conversation with a friend about how our most intimate relationships, especially with our partners and spouses affords us all the opportunity to “check ourselves before we wreck ourselves”. We discussed how this kind of “check in” is really about determining if we are being open, conscious, and present to the moment, to ourselves and to others. Checking in on ourselves allows us to shine a light upon our actions and behavior to see if we are truly being authentic, kind, loving, and compassionate.

After walking away from this conversation I contemplated instances I have been in the presence of another whose light and spirit shined so brightly that my own light and goodness was mirrored back to me. I also thought about instances when being in the presence of someone really special and dynamic mirrored back to me shadowy tendencies of my personality that include a tendency to sometimes be impatient, not so compassionate, and opinionated! Then I had an “AHA” moment!

You see, we all have the opportunity to truly see ourselves in another. For me, I have been blessed to have a partner and best friend who I love and respect beyond words. I regard him as one of my angels and teachers. It is in the light and integrity of who he is that I am able to see who I am. When I am giving love, being patient, and kind- it is reflected back to me through him and when I am not being so patient, loving, or kind; the shadowy part of my personality is reflected back to me in the light of who he is. It is through his patience, love, and kindness that I am able to check myself and hold a mirror up to my impatient, not so loving and unkind ways.

Sometimes it is painful to recognize shadowy parts of ourselves- aspects of our personality we are not proud of. The truth is no matter how much inner work we do or how much we evolve, from time to time these shadowy aspects of our personality will emerge and make a guest appearance in our lives. But if we’re able to be conscious and present in every moment, we will be able to check our shadows accordingly!

My question to you is where are you feeling stuck in your life? What is holding you back from opening yourself up to life’s possibilities? Do you need to re-examine your faith? Do you need to let go of negative beliefs and judgments about yourself and others? Do you need to check yourself before you wreck yourself? 🙂 Well, one thing is for sure, there is no time like the present to let go of the past and open yourself up to the possibilities that exist within your life right here- right now!

With Love and Light,



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