Your Word is Everything

Have you ever said something that wasn’t so nice and not more than two seconds after you uttered those words you wanted to take them back? Well the truth of the matter is, YOUR WORD IS EVERYTHING! SO…Be mindful of what you say because what you say DOES matter!

Please keep in mind I am not suggesting that if someone treats you unkindly you should just sit back and tolerate it, NO! However, what I am suggesting is that you start to consciously become aware of the words you speak.

Ask yourself the following questions:

“Do I talk about others behind their back?”
“Do my words uplift others, or do my words bring them down?”
“Do I complain, or speak negatively about people, places, or things?”
“Do I tell lies, even tiny little white ones?”

If your answer to any of these questions is yes, then perhaps it’s time to take a DEEP look into the mirror to determine why you have a tendency to talk trash! With some earnest introspection what you will discover is the negative core values, beliefs and judgments you hold of others directly corresponds with the insecurities, fears, judgments, and expectations you hold of yourself. And Remember: Your outer world is but a mere reflection of your inner world.

Want to speak with integrity and know that what you have to say does matter?

Look for the good in others, and in all things. Let your words bless others-not condemn them. Say only what you mean, and may your words come from a place of truth, kindness, love and compassion.

With Love & Light,



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