My 21 Day Adventure

I recently completed my 21 day raw- juice, green smoothie cleanse. What does a raw-juice, green smoothie cleanse consist of you ask? Well for 21 days I substituted my breakfast, lunch and snacks with juice and green smoothies. Yep mainly liquids!!! And for dinner? Raw vegetables, greens and/or fruit. Yum!!! What did I learn over the course of three weeks? I learned that by committing and dedicating myself to this thoughtful and conscientious way of consuming food, I reaped a ton of rewards!

First of all, I lost 9 lbs and a total of 4 inches. Might I add, I lost 9lbs. without changing my exercise regimen! What is my exercise regimen? It’s simple. My regimen consists of my daily practice of yoga, meditation and Reiki. Needless to say this cleanse complimented all of my practices beautifully. And the best part is not only do I look great, I feel amazing!

Why did I decide to do this?

After dealing with a health “challenge” at the end of last year, this cleanse was exactly what I needed to start the New Year off right. This cleanse enabled me to see how my physical, emotional and mental health directly correlate with the foods and substances I put into my body. Bottom line, if I don’t thoughtfully consider what I consume, not only will I feel like crap, I will inhibit my body’s natural ability to heal itself and I will block the flow of awesomeness in my life.

What else did I learn from this 21 day extravaganza? 1) I learned that I can do ANYTHING I put my mind to…that’s right ANYTHING! 2) Looking great on the outside doesn’t automatically translate to being healthy on the inside. (HUGE LESSON AKA GAME CHANGER) 3) Caffeine and other not so good eating habits which I have adopted over the years stem from wanting and needing to be fulfilled and the truth of the matter is seeking fulfillment from others, from things, from drugs, alcohol and food (my drug of choice), inhibit us all from experiencing true fulfillment, love, joy, abundance, vitality, and happiness. That’s right folks, FYI: Happiness is an inside job, PERIOD.

If you’re struggling with any kind of addiction, take it from me there are deeper underlying issues which need to be addressed. If you are willing to commit and dedicate yourself to cultivating ways to honor and nurture your true- authentic self, looking at the foods you consume is one way to address some “not so good habits” and gain a greater sense of vitality and well being! BTW, not only will you naturally vibrate at a higher level, you’ll have energy beyond belief and mental clarity! Oh yeah, did I mention you’ll GLOW and RADIATE AWESOMENESS?! 🙂 Don’t believe me? Try it for yourself. I dare you!

By the way, my 21 day feast continues. 🙂 I have decided to stay committed to this new way of eating, not only because it’s healthy for me but because I feel so DAMN GOOD!

If you have any questions, feel free to drop me a line!

With Love & Light,



2 thoughts on “My 21 Day Adventure

  1. adventureinsolitude says:

    Thank you for sharing! It’s awesome to hear that you will be embarking on a juice feast of your own.
    Please keep me posted! Sending you lots of love and light on your adventure!


  2. I was so lucky to have stumbled across this from you following me on Twitter. I can really relate to this I am about to embark on a similar journey soon. Thanks for sharing. Namaste

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