The Time Has Come

It is approximately 4 am in the big apple and might I add it is also just before dawn on New Years Eve! One may find it odd that I’m up at this hour but there is a magical electricity in the New York City air and I can’t really explain it. However, I suspect that many of you are feeling it wherever you are as well. So what is this magical, electric feeling I have? It is a feeling of pure, utter, enthusiastic joy about the possibilities this New Year holds not only for me but for my family, friends, colleagues, clients and All of YOU!

If you haven’t been paying attention, there is a beautiful – magnetic shift occurring in the world right now. What exactly is this “shift” I’m referring to? Well, my guess is you’ve felt a sense of urgency to make some pretty dynamic changes in your life and not just because the New Year is upon us. In fact, you have probably been considering change for quite some time now but for whatever reason you’re afraid, or you’re feeling stuck. Does this resonate with you? Of course it does! And BTW, you’re not alone. 🙂

Before I sat down to compose this Love letter to you, I literally spent the last two hours listening to some of my favorite tunes, sipping tea, journaling and thoughtfully writing my intentions for 2012. When I completed my list of intentions, I knew I wanted to send you a Love note but I didn’t know exactly what it would contain. Looking for inspiration, I opened up one of my favorite books, ‘The Science of the Mind’ by Ernest Holmes. I came across a beautiful Meditation that I simply love, a Meditation I want to share that captures the spirit of this particular moment in time when the world we live in is in need of tremendous healing light and BIG LOVE!

The Time Has Come
The time has come, the hour has struck.
The power from within has come forth and
is expressing through my word.
I do not have to wait; to-day is the time.
To-day I enter into all Truth; to-day I am
completely saved and healed and made
To-day I enter into my inheritance.

To-day the Truth has made me free.

Well my friends, the time has come, the hour has struck and the power to affect great change in your life and the world exists right here, right now…within YOU. YOU’RE IT!!!

Wishing you a bright, beautiful, happy, healthy and prosperous New Year .

With Love & Light,



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