Winter is Here- Time to Turn Inward

On this Winter Solstice I thought I’d pay homage to Mother Nature and offer my thoughts as to why I’ve grown so fond of the colder, darker months and why we should all cultivate a deep sense of appreciation for this particular time of year. 

I admit it is ironic that I actually appreciate the winter months now because I used to bemoan this time of year.  In the past, not only did I find myself succumbing to the winter blues, I actually felt a deep sense of sadness when autumn left and winter set in.  To make matters worse, all I could do during the winter was long for the warmth and sunshine of the spring and summer months. As pitiful as it sounds, I honestly could not bring myself to find one good thing about winter.

These days I have grown to appreciate all the seasons and what they represent. In fact, I have even developed a love of winter.  I believe that the winter season offers each of us an opportunity to go inward, reflect upon our lives in a deep way and really ground ourselves.  As a Reiki practitioner and someone who has studied the chakra system, I recognize the importance of grounding, finding stability and cultivating ways to maintain balance on a daily basis.  It is through grounding, we not only find the stability and balance to live life with a greater sense of vitality and well being, we connect to our internal guidance system-the spirit and heart of who we really are.  It is from this deeply grounded and rooted center that we are able to discover our soul’s purpose and move from the dark, contemplative night of the winter, toward the warmth and light of spring where our soul’s deepest desire and purpose blossoms.  

On this beautiful, blessed Winter Solstice, may you find peace and solace wherever you are right now.  May you acknowledge your blessings no matter how big or small and may you see the beauty in all things, including every sentient being and each season- winter spring summer and fall!

With Love & Light,




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