I’m a firm believer in expressing gratitude. In fact, I practice gratitude each and every day. Yep that’s right I practice gratitude and I even have a gratitude journal. Now I’m not going to get all preachy and stand on a soap box to tell you why you should establish a gratitude journal but I will say expressing daily gratitude is one of the simplest ways to attract greater peace in your life and enhance your over all sense of well being. By acknowledging what you have to be grateful for each and every day, you actually shift your life in the direction of greater ease, greater peace, greater joy and greater love. And who doesn’t want to experience each of these qualities in life?

Recently I was faced with what one would call a health “scare”. My doctor informed me that there was a possibility I had the “BIG C”. Now imagine that you’ve just found out you might have the “BIG C” and you have to go through tests, including a biopsy to determine the course of action you must take in your life regarding a serious medical condition such as this. You can imagine how devastating this news would be and how scared you might feel awaiting the outcome of your test results. I will admit, initially I was devastated and felt scared but what followed was a sense of peace and calm within me. Deep down I knew that no matter what the results revealed, I would be strong and I would persevere.

I am happy to report that my biopsy came back benign and I am scheduled to have a procedure done to remove the tumor. Needless to say, I am ecstatic, joyful, humbled and grateful. Yes, grateful. Grateful that despite the procedure I must undergo, despite the procedures I have already undergone, the worry and fear placed upon my loved ones, I am not only grateful but stronger than I ever imagined.

I share this personal story because the truth is we all face challenges, health “scares”, loss, pain, suffering, hardships and struggle-this is part of life. However, we also experience, joy, happiness, success, love and life in all its glorious splendor. And by cultivating gratitude we are able to gain a refined appreciation for all of life’s lessons no matter how great or small, “good” or “not so good”, easy or challenging-it is what it is. The beautiful lesson that remains is an ability to meet life’s challenges with an open heart, to realize that every moment that arises presents us an opportunity to experience the gift of life.

Today, instead of turning your attention toward what is “going wrong” in your life, examine what is going right. Take a moment to contemplate what you have to be grateful for. Perhaps it’s something big like getting married, giving birth to your first child, moving to a new home, getting a job promotion, taking a vacation, or something as simple as seeing the smile on a loved one’s face, taking your dog on a walk, seeing a sunrise, or simply taking a few minutes out of the day for yourself. My point is no matter how “big” or “small” your blessings are, remember they are just that- blessings. And that alone is cause to give thanks.

With Love & Light,



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