Today is the fourth anniversary of my grandmother’s passing. I can imagine for those of you who have lost your grandmother, you can attest to having a kind, warm hearted grandmother whose nurturing spirit had a profound impact on your family dynamic in some way, shape or form. Well, my grandmother was among the countless, extraordinary grandmothers who gave selflessly to our family and meant so very much to us.

As anyone can guess, losing my grandmother was extremely difficult. Not only was my grandmother’s death difficult for my siblings and me, her death still remains to be painful for my mother. But they say time heals all wounds and I’m confident that this old adage is true.

This morning I received a text message from my mother asking me to recall a funny memory I had of gram. As I took a few moments to reflect upon a funny memory of my grandmother, I discovered it was difficult to narrow my memories down to just one. All I could think about was how my grandmother had a way of bringing light and laughter to any situation. But what I remember most is how she taught me to not take myself too seriously.

How awesome would it be if we could all stop taking ourselves, our lives and each other so seriously? Can you imagine how this simple, yet profound shift in our being could transform our lives for the better? Think about it.

Perhaps you have recognized how having a positive mental attitude has the ability to positively affect your life. In my experience whenever I tend to be more relaxed, upbeat and positive, I usually accomplish tasks more effectively and I’m able to face challenges with clarity and greater ease. I’m guessing the same holds true for you!

You see, the world will always have its ups and downs. There will be people who hurt us, moments when we’re faced with adversity, times we experience loss but when you think about it, every moment, every difficulty, every challenge-WE HAVE A CHOICE. We have a choice to face challenges and obstacles with difficulty and a self limiting belief system, or we have the choice to approach challenges and obstacles with calmness, with clarity and with ease. I choose the latter!

If you are facing any difficulties or challenges in your life, take a moment out of your day to stop and reflect upon all of the things you have to be grateful for. I realize that this practice alone will not take away the difficulty, pain, or loss you feel. However, it is my sincere hope and prayer that by engaging in this simple practice you will be able to recognize that every moment offers you a choice.

Today choose to approach life’s challenges with greater ease! Choose gratitude, laughter, love and most of all don’t take yourself too seriously!

Wishing you light and much love.



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