A Day of Remembrance & Prayer

Where were you ten years ago today? Of course like so many, I remember exactly where I was and what I was doing. Those of us who reside in NYC can recall how beautiful the weather was on that Tuesday morning. The sun was shining, the sky clear and blue. I was happy to have the day off from work but before I had the opportunity to go off and enjoy my day, my husband called me to inform me he was on his way down to the WTC and I needed to turn on the television…

The simple fact of the matter is we all have a story and many of us share the same sentiments of grief and loss when we reflect upon the events of that day and everything which transpired after 9/11. While we must move forward, we simply cannot forget the lives that have been lost, nor can we turn our backs on those who have served and continue to serve our country. We must continue to remember and acknowledge these beautiful souls and all of the angels who worked tirelessly to aid in the relief and recovery efforts at ground zero.

And so I cannot let this day go by without paying homage to the many who remain in our hearts and minds. I cannot let this day go by without expressing my love for all these beautiful souls and acknowledge one of many courageous, compassionate angels in particular who never really talks about the events of that day, what he saw, or how it has affected him.

From time to time I see it in his eyes and I remember how difficult the days, weeks and months were for him and so many who worked at ground zero. I cannot begin to imagine what he and others witnessed that day. I cannot imagine the loss so many families endured and I most certainly cannot begin to imagine what it is like to go to war and witness the magnitude of such devastation and suffering. I think we can all agree that it is painful enough to read the stories in the paper or watch the devestation and loss on television. However, with all due respect to all the families involved- in spite of the tremendous pain and suffering endured; I believe in our collective hearts and minds, we know there is a force greater than us which helps ease our pain and suffering. I choose to call this force God. Regardless of the name we wish to use to describe this force and that in which a miracle is derived; in our collective hearts and minds we know this force to be good and have personally witnessed It’s presence and grace at least once in our lives.

For me, God’s grace saved my husband on September 11, 2011. God guided my husband to an establishment which stood only a short distance from the WTC so that he could call me and express his love for me and for our family. When it was impossible to make a phone call via a land line, or cell phone, somehow the Universe conspired in our favor and my husband was able to get through all the busy signals and call home.

And as I watched the south tower begin to collapse, while he felt the rumbling of the collapse itself, I was ever so grateful he was on the other end of the phone with me. It was in that moment I got on my knees and I prayed to God to protect him and bring him home. Ten years later I can say by the Grace of God that prayer was delivered and I will never take a prayer for granted.

You see prayer is our dream ladder to divinity, the way in which we speak to God. Prayer is not about asking God to make you rich, or fill your life with material possessions. Prayer is an intimate conversation with God and the Universe, a clear, thoughtful intention rooted in the center of our being, expressed with humility and gratitude.

My heart goes out to the families of men, women and children whose loved ones did not return home that day. As we reflect upon this day, may we honor the memory of those who are no longer with us physically on this earth. May we honor those who continue to protect and serve our highest good. And may we be reminded of the precious gift of life and what it means to live wholly and fully in the presence of God’s light and loving Universe.

Wishing you all peace and joy on this day and each and every day moving forward.



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