For Prince Charming

When I was a little girl I had a very active imagination. All children do I suppose and I used mine to write stories. I would spend countless hours alone, creating idealized versions of my life through stories. I enjoyed the writing process so much that even at a young age I carefully considered the theme, the plot, the setting, as well as the basic descriptions, thoughts, and feelings of all my characters.

What did I write about? Many of the stories I wrote were love stories. You know, your typical love story where a heroine meets and falls in love with Prince Charming. And because Prince Charming was a staple character in most of my tales, I always felt compelled to include a dynamic heroine who was intelligent, bold, and beautiful. She was a “Wonder Woman” like character that I desperately wanted to emulate and grow up to be like.  In the end, the story would always conclude with Prince Charming whisking Wonder Woman away to live happily ever after.

Looking back, I find it amusing that as a young girl I had no idea I was actually writing a version of my life story and that writing was a kind of visualizing practice and manifesting tool. However, as an adult who has witnessed how setting intentions and using visualization techniques actually helps manifest our deepest desires, I smile when I think of those times and reflect fondly on my stories about Prince Charming and Wonder Woman because I realize that each of us has the power to write our story and essentially co-create our reality.

Over the years, I have discovered that the writing process is an essential practice that allows me to creatively explore ways to manifest certain things in my life. As a result, I have learned how to refine my story and the things I’m most passionate about.

I will admit much like life, the creative process can sometimes present challenges and it is during these challenging periods, visualizing and actualizing my goals takes much longer than I would like. On the flip side, there are other times when I’m just so damn clear about what it is I want for my life that my intentions and positive feelings align perfectly with the action needed to step into the flow and things manifest very quickly…might I add- perfectly!

I want to conclude this post by sharing a story I wrote as a young girl. It was about a young woman who was a writer. She moved to the big city and met Prince Charming. Prince Charming was dark, handsome, and undeniably charismatic. Long story short, he and the young woman developed a friendship based upon an undeniable chemistry which in the end rendered them completely and hopelessly in love. The best part? They lived happily ever after!

While some of the details of this story have been left out, I will say my real life Prince Charming is the one who has truly seen me. And through all of the stories and plays I have written, rehearsed, and acted out in all of the years he’s known me, he is the one who has loved me for well over a decade. He is the man who is not only been my lover but my best friend. He is a patient, kind, and loving man who has loved me despite my many flaws and perfect imperfections. He is the one who has witnessed my ups and downs, loved me at my best, and loved me even more at my worst. But through it all, he has never forsaken me, not even once and truthfully I will never fully be able to express in words just how much he means to me. All I can say is,  he is my teacher, my angel, my rock, my love and yes, my Prince Charming.


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