Letting Go

As an individual who has chosen to walk a spiritual path, I will admit initially one of the most challenging aspects of embarking on a spiritual path is accepting the element of solitude required to know oneself more deeply and intimately. Of course, solitude doesn’t mean that you have to commit to living in a monastery. It simply means you have to go inward and do the work necessary to discover who you really are.

At first the path appears to be difficult and painful because you realize you have to make huge sacrifices, detach from habitual patterns of behavior and address deep seeded fears, as well as insecurities. However, by dedicating and committing oneself to a spiritual practice(s), you soon discover the path which seemed like a journey at the beginning, is actually an amazing adventure.

For me, I think one of the most profound lessons I am continually reminded of on a daily basis is the concept of letting go. Every wisdom teaching from the contemplative Christian tradition to Buddhism speaks of surrender and letting go. Letting go means we move deeper into love and for me this has been a monumental lesson about self love and why it is crucial that we acknowledge our fears, embrace them, surrender and simply let go.

For many people, (myself included) the ability to create, or manifest outcomes and goals isn’t difficult but having the courage to let go in order to realize our highest potential and live our biggest dreams can be the ultimate challenge. Remember when you hold onto stories about your life, the negative core beliefs about yourself that no longer serves your highest good and recognize how self deprecating patterns of behavior have conditioned you to question your value or worth, you can begin to acknowledge the necessity to let go of the story. The biggest obstacle about the spiritual path is not the path itself, nor is it about the world, or others, it has always been about us- who we are and the lens we have chosen to view ourselves and our lives through.

Today, may you have the courage and faith to simply let go of that which no longer serves your highest good. 

With Light & Love,



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