Initially when I embarked on my spiritual path I became extremely interested in researching various schools of thought regarding spirituality, religion, psychology and philosophy. As a result, I began to notice a huge shift in my consciousness. Simultaneously, I was becoming aware of a subtle, yet intuitive voice which kept compelling me to write about what was happening in my life and the changes I was going through. Unable to fully grasp this shift in consciousness and the intuitive urgency to write about my experiences, I decided to pay attention to this voice and that is how “Adventures in Solitude” was born and now- “Women’s Word Daily.”

Please keep in mind, I could have limited the documentation of my experiences to a journal or diary but there was a sense that I needed to open up and share my thoughts and experiences with others. I admit, part of me was afraid to share my experiences but that’s what the mind does, it always tries its best to sabotage your gifts and discourage you from pursuing any of your creative aspirations. You want to know the secret that separates the boys from the men, the “thing” that separates a successful entrepreneur, or a creative genius from those who have ideas which never amount to anything? Successful entrepreneurs and creative genius’ stop at nothing to see their creative endeavors through, regardless of the possibility that they might fail. Now that doesn’t mean that I didn’t experience a natural sense of apprehension and fear about publicly sharing my thoughts. I went through a laundry list of reasons why I wasn’t a good enough writer and I even worried about whether or not my closest friends and family members would judge me. However, the more I began to face those fears and the reasons why I was afraid of sharing my thoughts, my apprehensions naturally subsided. What remained was something that has and always will be, a gentle, kind, loving and unconditional spirit that has always been with me- cheering me on, daring me to dream big, compelling me to express myself creatively and most importantly open up my heart to others in the biggest way.

One of the most beautiful lessons I’ve learned is to simply let go. I have learned that if you want to create meaningful change in your life you have to pay attention to the whispers and the gentle nudge of the universe. When I finally surrendered with humility, faith and trust in the internal whisper and guidance of the universe, I freed myself. I was finally able to let go of the self defeating narrative about how I wasn’t a good enough writer and I was no longer worried about what others would say.

The divine mystery of life is continually unfolding- playing itself out, through you, through me, the world and the entire universe. If you pay attention and listen to the voice which beckons you to turn inward, you will have the unique opportunity to observe the invisible help and divine synchronicities which have been guiding you your entire life. If you have the courage to simply let go, you will no longer seek happiness, purpose, meaning, or love because your life will mirror all those qualities back to you each and every day. How do I know this?…Through my Adventure in Solitude and the way my life continues to beautifully unfold and reveal itself to me and those closest to me. You see, the beautiful lesson about surrender is that it requires faith. For me faith is the only evidence I need to let go and step out into the unknown. When it boils down to it, faith is truly the only evidence any of us needs to propel us forward and realize our highest potential. And while faith is the evidence of things you cannot see, faith is what has led me here and that in and of itself is a beautiful lesson.




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