Autumn-A Time of Growth and Renewal

I really enjoy this time of the year. Much like spring, autumn represents a time of self-reflection, growth and renewal for me. That being said, autumn is a great time of year to practice nature meditations. Personally, I like to practice nature meditations by taking walks and riding my bicycle in parks, or in my neighborhood. During a walking/cycling meditation I find myself totally engrossed in my body and immersed in my senses. These practices force me to pay attention to the way the cold air penetrates my skin and sends energetic waves through my entire body. I also love the sound of the wind whistling through my hair and how the trees seem to reveal a kind of wisdom which is communicated through the range of amber colored leaves that sway in a cool autumn breeze and glimmer amidst a setting sun. This vibrant display of color, richness and vitality found in nature is the reason why I love practicing nature meditations and why I feel autumn affords each of us the opportunity for growth and renewal.




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