Stepping Out Into Uncertainty

Stepping out into uncertainty means that we learn to trust in the mystery of life and embrace the continual unfoldment of our lives. It is this embrace which allows our creative ideas and dreams to become manifestations of our reality. When we discover the sacred ground in which all is possible and hold in our hearts an unwaivering faith, we understand how man’s greatest inventions, intellectual theories, expressions of creativity and raw talents have become gifts to the world.

Being in touch with the sacred, the divine, creation, spirit, God, the great unknown, has been a crucial element of change in my life and the driving force behind my own personal growth and development. Make no mistake, I’m not a millionaire. However, I live comfortably and make an earnest living. Most importantly I enjoy what I do and am blessed with the opportunity to work with people in a meaningful way. Life still contains its ups and downs, days which present challenges. However, the lens in which I view life has changed.

In order to cultivate meaningful change in your life it is important to discover what you are passionate about and assess the lens in which you currently view your life. What inspires you? Where do your passions lie? Does the work you do allow you to connect with others? Do your passions allow you to be creative? Does your own sense of creativity give you a feeling of freedom and enthusiasm? It is important when answering these questions to take into account the fact that each day presents you with an opportunity to not only connect with others and share your creative ideas but also help those in need.

Life gives us the flexibility to take action and change our lives in ways we never imagined. Understanding the power which is available to us in every moment by no means makes me a “special” human being, nor does it mean I am free from experiencing difficulties, or challenges in my life and by no means does this understanding give me permission to be a self proclaimed, “enlightened” human being but what I will say is I have realized each of us has the capacity to connect with the Divine, that which expresses itself exquisitely through nature and through each one of us in a way that is uniquely our own when we surrender to grace with and open, loving heart.

Essentially, stepping out into uncertainty doesn’t have to be an unpleasant experience in which we resign to dreadful thoughts about our past, or invest in fear based thoughts about what will happen in the future. Stepping out into uncertainty is simply finding the courage and faith to embrace each moment as it arises and surrender with an open heart filled with humility and gratitude. This ground of uncertainty sets the stage for limitless potentiality, creativity and freedom!

Please Note: Developing a meditation practice is essential. Meditation is a doorway. Meditation invites us to connect with the divine and harness the ability to create meaningful change in our lives. Keep in mind, meditation is simply a practice. If one learns to exercise his/her meditation practice regularly, he/she will discover his/her unique ability to create joy and abundance in life.




2 thoughts on “Stepping Out Into Uncertainty

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    Beautiful post. Thank you. x

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