All too often, we may find that it’s difficult to forgive others. In most cases it’s because these individuals have failed to meet our expectations. However, for others harboring guilt, or resentment towards those who have done wrong is easier than finding forgiviness.

Forgiveness, no matter how great, or small is possible at any given moment. However, forgiveness requires dissolution of the stories and excuses we hold onto. These stories keep us from opening our hearts and block our ability to forgive. When we continually hold onto all the stories and all the excuses why we cannot forgive, we realize this kind of binding cuts us off from experiencing joy and well being.

Despite the fact that so many people strive to find joy and happiness, it seems as though many people choose to hold onto the anger, fear, and disappointment others have caused. The energy that is wasted on closing ourselves off from those who have wronged us is exactly what inhibits us from the joy, inner peace and freedom we all want in our lives.

When we open our heart, we relinquish ourselves of the burden. When we let go of the stories we have continually perpetuated in our minds, we understand that attachment to the unresolved pain someone has caused can manifest into physical ailments such as heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, depression, you name it! This realization ultimately requires an individual to address a number of mental, physical and emotional blocks but it can be life changing. And while it may be a hard pill to swallow for those who have been victimized, I offer this advice: allow yourself to find forgiveness. Open your heart and let love, kindness and compassion heal the wounds others have caused. By doing so, not only can you forgive someone and move forward in your life, you can heal and transform your life in ways you never imagined.




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