The Adventure of Observing

Recently I’ve become kind of obsessed with observation. While observation and awareness is essential to meditation, I have been observing a variety of things just for the fun of it! My observations include everything from nature, people, animals, their behaviors, you name it! Its not that I haven’t observed these things before, or haven’t experienced a profound sense of connectivity to life…but lately I don’t feel the need to label a sunset “beautiful”, or become irritated by individuals who are ignorant or cruel. In fact, integrating this practice in my daily routine, especially while at work and at school has become extremely beneficial, as it has allowed me to gain a deeper sense of patience, understanding, compassion and connectivity that is almost always disregarded when I become complacent with life, disengaged with others and in a complete and utter “rut”.

Oh yes, from time to time the unconscious self rears it’s ugly head. After all my psyche has to contend with more than 30 years of social conditioning! In any case, taking a more integral approach to all areas of my life is indeed a work in progress. However, it is a refreshing approach, one that I surrender to with humility and gratitude!

With Love & Light,



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