Walking In Truth

Normally I post a blog once a month because I currently don’t have the time to commit to writing as much as I would like to. However, since my last post I keep contemplating what it means to live in truth. Perhaps you have a perspective you’d like to share…

Recently I watched a documentary on HBO about Maurice Sendak, the writer and illustrator of famous books for children including, “Where The Wild Things Are”. In this candid documentary Sendak recounts experiences in childhood, including intimate stories about his parents and siblings. Sendak also shares how he found it difficult to accept he was a gay man early on in his life. What was deeply profound about this documentary and why I enjoy watching documentaries in general, is Sendak’s honesty. As I mentioned in my last post, for many of us living in truth is very difficult, especially if we’re confounded by trying to derive a sense of purpose and meaning out of our lives. I imagine for many of us, (myself included) walking in sheer truth means we are able to be completely honest and sincere, not only with others but first and foremost….with ourselves!

Despite the fact that the air has grown a bit more frigid in the big apple, there is something to be said about walking through the park amongst seemingly endless mounds of amber colored leaves and taking in the late autumn air. It is these moments that I feel deeply connected with who I am, moments in which I am exonerated from meeting the expectations and needs of others… free to breathe, live and walk in my own truth.




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