Love and Matters of the Heart

As my meditation practice has become extremely beneficial in many facets of my life, I have become increasingly interested and fascinated with researching different healing practices. Along with this growing fascination, I have been pondering whether or not to post a blog on the topic of “love”, partly because I wasn’t quite sure how I wanted to approach the topic and mostly because I’m still learning how to be a more loving, kind and compassionate human being. However, while studying the chakra system, I felt a deep connection to one charka in particular, the fourth chakra: Anahata (which is Sanskrit for the center point, or what is known as the heart chakra).

After studying Anahata, I knew that I would eventually post a blog about “love” and so today, I offer the following excerpt from an opening meditation in one of my favorite books, “Wheels of Life”, written by Anondea Judith, Ph.D. I hope that by sharing this particular excerpt it will encourage and inspire you to look to your heart to find answers. I believe that by looking to our hearts we are able to understand the magnitude of love and it’s power to transform and heal everything around us, including ourselves and others……

If you listen, you can hear them: beating, beating, beating, beating.

Deep within each person find the heart.
Everywhere around you find the heart.
Deep within ourselves we find the heart.
Every time we touch, we touch the heart.

Within each one is love, awaiting sweet unfoldment.
Release that love upon the winds of breath, and reach beyond.
Touch the hearts inside the ones you love,
And listen to their breath that whistles in…and out…in…and out…
Like you, they laugh and cry and play,
Ceaseless rhythm through each day.
Feel the heart so like your own:
Hoping, healing, breathing, feeling.
Let there be no sound of striking,
Only that of love and liking.

Each unto the dance of love,
That joins the Earth to worlds above,
And joins ourselves unto each other,
Each one seen as sister, brother.
Within our hearts the seeds of peace
Lie, awaiting sweet release.
Upon the winds of change they fly
As deep within our hearts we cry:
Anahata, Anahata, Anahata, Anahata.
The sound of love.

At the center of both spirit and matter lies the heart- the center that emanates love, the force that binds us all. Love realizes there are no boundaries. In my heart I believe this to be true, do you? Afterall, when two people are in love they will stop at no cost to see their love through and be together. Similarly, when a tragic event like 9/11 occurred here in New York City, people of all occupations, from all walks of life responded, aiding in the relief and recovery effort of those injured and killed in the attack. What is it that encouraged and inspired these compassionate beings to help those in need? Judith notes, “helping others arises from a simple state of compassion-the center, the heart”. I too believe that the heart is a unifier. A central source of deep and unconditional love in which the human spirit emerges and profound healing is possible.

While I may not be an expert on love, my interests lie in matters of the heart, for it is my heart that compels me to post blogs, it is my heart that compels me to be creative, to continue down my spiritual path, to meditate daily and most importantly, it is my heart which encourages me to strive to be a more loving, kind and compassionate individual. No, I’m not an expert on love, I trust that those who are experts are deeply connected with the heart and with spirit. If this is the case, then perhaps with more practice I too can become an expert on love one day! 🙂




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