Living Wholeheartedly

I follow a blog by Tami Simon, the founder of Sounds True. Over the weekend I read Tami’s most recent blog, “What Does It Mean to be ‘Wholehearted’?.” Ofcourse I was inspired by the title of this blog and tried to unpack it by posing the question to myself. I lovingly asked myself, “am living in a wholehearted way?”

To answer this question, I thought about my life adventure, (aka my spiritual journey) how the biggest breakthroughs during my life and my spiritual practices came whenever I approached important issues in my life, as well as my spiritual practices wholeheartedly. For example, I have only been practicing meditation for a few years. I remember how intimidating it was when I first began to meditate. First of all, I had no idea what it meant to quiet the mind, let alone how to do it. All I had heard was that there was substantial medical research that proved meditation could alleviate stress and tension. While meditation benefits ones health, I didn’t realize how meditation was essential to my journey of self exploration. The truth is meditation is undoubtedly a doorway into exploring the true nature of ones own being. However, I had no idea that a near “breakdown” in my mid twenties would lead me to the practice of meditation and become the catalyst to a series of life changing, serendipitous events, which have ultimately called upon me to live in a more wholehearted, meaningful and authentic way.

While I have come a long way since I first began meditating, I realize that the spiritual journey is a continuum and the question, “am I living in a wholehearted way” is a question I must continually ask myself, in order to grow and evolve. This kind of inquiry not only makes sense, it affirms mindfulness and cultivates right action which have become essential to my life. Those of us who have embarked on any path to know ourselves better, realize the journey is continually unfolding and presenting itself to us in new ways. It is our job to face adversity, walk through our fears and continually discover who we are. I can’t help but wonder what implications a general inquiry such as, “am I living in a wholehearted way” could have on each of us if we applied it to daily life. I imagine our lives and experiences would be much deeper, richer and more meaningful. What do you think?




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