Truth can be defined as conformity with fact. If we think about it, it does seem as though human beings thrive on the acceptance of ideas or concepts as being true, or factual as long as the information, a) contains a mathematical truth, b) can be backed up by the scientific method, c) resonates with their belief system, which is almost always learned from ones family or origin and finally, d) because a minister, pastor, rabbi, monk, or spiritual guru says something is true. 🙂

The “truth” is people rely on a plethora of sources in order to catch a glimpse of “truth”, not realizing that the truth can really be found within. In “Buddhism Plain and Simple”, Steve Hagen says, “We know truth. We just habitually overlay our direct experience of Truth with thoughts, beliefs, opinions and ideas.” My question is, why do we do this? If each human being took the time to really connect with their heart, we’d all be able to know truth. We’d all realize that the truth we’ve all been searching for has been within reach all along.




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