What It Means To Be A Conscious Human Being

To understand the world in which we live, we must understand the paradoxical complexity of human life. We must understand that life contains both joy and suffering and integrate this understanding into our daily lives. This is the key to living a much fuller, richer life and it is essential that human beings look within to ascertain a deeper level of consciousness. This kind of awareness not only offers inner peace but the ability to effectively and creatively face challenges in life.

Collectively we must also acknowledge how our previously held worldview has huge implications on the way in which each of us perceives reality. Thus, to be a conscious human being involves deep introspection and dissolution of highly unconscious material, including unhealthy beliefs and self destructing patterns of behavior. It is imperative to understand and accept how a skewed worldview can translate into outward manifestations of greed, insecurity, fear, violence, and on a highly unconscious level, genocide and war. If you observe the world its easy to see how human beings rely on a societal structure to define a sense of self. However, if each of us took a long hard look at ourselves we’d see exactly how these societal norms and expectations contradict our innate, infallible nature which embodies compassion, empathy, understanding, love and what it means to be a concious human being.




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