Speaking From The Heart

What happened to the days when people communicated with one another from a deeper, meaningful place, their heart? Now days it seems as if many individuals are consumed by their own ego and so completely disconnected from their heart. This is apparent in the way individuals express their thoughts, feelings and actions. If you haven’t noticed this in your friends or colleagues, all you have to do is turn on the t.v., or read a local newspaper to see how individuals thrive on their ego, how anger, jealousy, hate, dishonesty and insecurity disable the human heart, the true source of love and compassion. I truly believe that this disconnection explains why it is so difficult for many individuals to experience a true, loving, compassionate and honest connection with others.

When we speak from our hearts we communicate from a space that is void of the self created delusions of the ego. My prayer for today is that by reading this post you may be compelled to connect with your heart and in turn connect with the hearts of others.




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