Facing Fear

This particular subject seems to be at the forefront of my mind because it is an aspect of in life which is difficult to delineate. It’s fascinating how much we internalize and bury the fear and insecurities accumulated and inherited during adolescence. These negative emotions have such a huge impact on our physical, mental, and personal well being, that most of the time we are unaware how deeply attached we are to these emotions. In a world where so many of us are seeking professional, personal and spiritual growth, understanding our fears and insecurities is an integral part of embarking on a journey of self exploration.

When we face our fear head on, we begin to understand how this particular emotion has devastating effects on us mentally, physically and emotionally. We also realize that our own self serving fear becomes an outward projection onto the universe and this understanding alone is the basis for cultivating ways to detach from fear. By projecting our own fears and insecurities onto the world and onto others greatly impacts humanity and the planet which we inhabit. Perhaps this is why I am drawn to buddha-dharma, because it urges us to examine the nature of our problems, identify our fears, where they come from and how to integrate and transcend this understanding in a productive and meaningful way. Ghandi once said, “we must be the change we wish to see in this world.” Facing our fears offers us hope for change.




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