photo-20What if… the key to healing was about understanding the relationship between the mind and body?

What if… a supportive holding space enabled you to turn inward and discover all the places within your mental, emotional, energetic and physical body that are preventing you from discovering your inner radiance and experiencing a greater sense of vitality and wellbeing?

What if… radical self-love was the answer to not only embracing the many facets of your being (the light & dark, masculine & feminine) but also provided the ground for personal growth & transformation?


A Radical Reboot is a guided journey, an invitation to explore the relationship between the mind & body.

Through gentle asanas, breathwork, guided meditation and specialized Reiki techniques, this Yogic approach toward healing will calm the mind and open the body. As a result, you will experience deep states of relaxation that will help you release blocked stuck or stagnant energy and dissolve any physical tension or stress.

Join me on a 90-minute journey that will radically reboot your system.

COST: $10




**Please bring the following: a yoga mat, water, blanket, pillow and additional props to support you.

FULL MOON 2/3/15


Tender Heart-

Bathe in the light and stillness of the moon-
Behold Her benevolence and grace
Dance in Her Lunar love beams…
Take refuge in Her
Submerge yourself in Her sweet radiance
And allow the fullness and presence of Her Being
To ease your weary heart
And breathe new life into your Soul

Urban Day Retreat 3/1/15

Oasis in the City: photo-19An Urban Day Retreat of Reconnection & Self Empowerment
Date: Sunday March 1, 2015
Time: 1pm-5pm
Location: Denver, Colorado

As a woman you have many roles to contend with. How do you manage these roles effectively without completely spinning out of control and disconnecting from your personal needs and desires?

Join us for an afternoon of reconnection and self-empowerment, as we gather in community to share, to grow and to support one another.

Through sacred ceremony and movement you will gain powerful tools to help you connect with your feminine essence, release what no longer serves you, and re-align with your sacred self, as you re-define who you are.

You will walk away with:

  • The essentials to continue cultivating self-love and a greater sense of wellbeing
  • A deeper sense of connection & support from amazing women just like you
  • Your own personal tool kit to create or enhance your personal altar space Want to join us?


Want to join us?

Take advantage of our ‘Bring a Friend’ perk.

To Register: Click Here 

*Space is Limited

Note: We will be giving away 2 “pay at your own price” scholarships. For more information send an email inquiry to: info@theradiantwell.com

The Path of the Heart

The path of the heart is winding

A helix of infinite wisdom

Revealing itself through sweet somatic whispers

Tend to these enigmatic murmurs

Receive the transmission of heart wisdom

Let it shatter all of your hopes and dreams

Including all of the beliefs of what you thought was possible

Until all that’s left is the sacred ground beneath your feet

Know that you are not broken

Simply behold the rugged landscape before you

Feel your precious heart beating inside your chest

And consider the sanctity of this moment

Embracing ALL that IS.

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It takes a lot of courage to speak our truth; to listen to our hearts and take the road less traveled.

For the better part of a year I have exercised the right to speak my truth and I’ve followed my heart even when it didn’t make sense to my rational mind.

I also let go of the roles I was good at playing, including: selfless wife & mother, teacher, people pleaser, devoted daughter, doting big sister, loyal lover, dependable best friend- the list goes on and on…

Needless to say, every step along the way has been an act of courage.

But between you and me (whoever is reading this), the real courage lies in being able to watch all the dreams, all the stories and all the false perceptions and beliefs about oneself & others completely fall away.

To be able to sit in the fire, be consumed by the flames and let it ALL burn…
this IS the point in which even the most courageous human beings opt out and choose a life of mediocrity instead.

For me there is no greater act of courage than completely dying to yourself to know what it means to Truly LOVE yourself.

Friend, what are you ready to let go of and are you willing to let it burn?

If so, let us sit in the alchemical fire together, hand in hand, until all that remains is the scorched ground laden with ash and seed that will always give way to new growth & life.

With Love,


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